Beautiful house for sale on the Sheepshead Peninsula, West Cork, Ireland, with fabulous sea views

Let me take you around Durrus
Durrus Village and the High Street
Durrus High Street
Durrus High Street showing both
grocery stores where even petrol
is available
Durrus in one shot
Durrus in one shot
Durrus High Street
Long view whole of Durrus High Street
coming in from Bantry
The way out of Durrus to Ahakista or Skibbereen
The way out of Durrus
to Ahakista or Skibbereen
Durrus holiday homes
Durrus holiday homes
for your friends to stay near to Shancarrig
Durrus High Street
one side of part of the High Street
Durrus holiday homes
Holiday homes in Durrus
for visiting friends
Durrus - IVO's restaurant
Durrus - IVO's restaurant
reopening soon under new management
Pub in Durrus
The Durrus pub
popular with the farmers
The Durrus PO
Mail the world and pay all your bills
at the Durrus PO
Pub in Durrus
One of the three pubs in Durrus

The Durrus B&B
Wiseman's shop in Durrus
Wiseman's - the shop that has everything except food at Durrus
In and around Durrus
Anglican church in Durrus
Anglican church
close to Shancarrig and Durrus
Around Durrus
Around Durrus
Catholic church at Durrus
Catholic church at Durrus
Driscolls Garage, Durrus
Driscolls Garage is highly versatile,
competent and helpful
Ladies hair salon, Durrus
Durrus even has a ladies' hair salon
Jetty at Durrus
One of several jetties
where your boat can be launched
Show piece garden, Durrus
Show piece garden yards from Shancarrig
Cronin's Forge, Durrus
Your local forge where your item of
desire in wrought iron can be made
Your neighbour in Durrus
Your next door neighbour is the Bantry Council Chief Exec &